Alex Pay

on Monday, 14 March 2016. Posted in Success Stories

Alex Pay

Month: March

Territory: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Years In Business: 1.5 years

How does your background qualify you for A Buyer’s Choice?
As a military veteran, I understand the value of a proven system. I have a background in home inspections and I take great pride in the work that I do.

Why did you pick A Buyer’s Choice?
After working with another ABCHI franchisee in my area, I liked what I saw. The franchisees work together in a very collaborative environment. Plus, I thought that the franchisee services were outstanding – between marketing, public relations support and ongoing training, A Buyer’s Choice really takes care of its franchisees.

What kind of support have you gotten from A Buyer’s Choice?
I have very much enjoyed the collaborative network of franchisees in the ABCHI system. I can always call on someone in my region to answer questions or brainstorm solutions. The support has been very positive.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Starting a business is never easy, so I’m still working to make relationships with realtors that are mutually beneficial.

Can you share a word of wisdom for people looking into A Buyer’s Choice/franchising?
You get out of it what you put in! A Buyer’s Choice works if you give it your all.

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