Dave Johnson

on Friday, 24 February 2017. Posted in Success Stories

Dave Johnson

Month: January

Territory: Lone Tree, Colorado

Years In Business: 5 years

Why franchising?
I knew I could do home inspections but I wasn’t sure how to run a home inspection business - the franchise has been excellent in helping me learn the ropes of business ownership. I originally planned to inspect homes for a few years and then retire, but CEO Bill Redfern guided me in the direction of managing a business with multiple inspectors by bringing independent contractors into my franchise. This allows me to grow a business that is sustainable for my family after I retire, helping other inspectors build a business for themselves and their families as well

How does your background qualify you for A Buyer’s Choice?
My background is in sales and marketing in the home construction business and the interest in home construction gave me a strong start in running my own business in an industry I was interested in and have a passion for.

What kind of support have you gotten from A Buyer’s Choice?
The initial training was above and beyond what was needed but greatly appreciated. The direction and support from Bill in expanding my business has been wonderful.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I’m planning to continue to grow my business to include 10 independent contractors doing 3,000 inspections per year.

Best business advice?
Follow the franchise’s recommendations of establishing and running your business. I have talked to several inspectors who tried to get into business on their own and they struggled for a long time to get started. With the franchise’s help you can hit the ground running. Concentrate on marketing in the first years of business but never stop marketing to maintain your business.

Can you share a word of wisdom for people looking into A Buyer’s Choice/franchising?
Trust the recommendations of the franchise and become the brand. There was no brand recognition in Colorado when I started but I did the vehicle branding and I wear the “uniform” all the time, when I’m networking and inspecting so I have “become” the brand. Always be clean and professional, you are a “business” not just an “inspector”.

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