Exploring Legitimate Work From Home Options

on Thursday, 09 October 2014.

You’ve heard the old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” It’s wise to be wary of offers promising extraordinary financial returns for few hours of work, as many of those websites can be (sometimes convincing) scams. We’ve compiled a list of important things you should watch for when researching work from home opportunities. 

Details about the company are easy to locate

Companies offering legitimate home business opportunities will be happy to provide you with information about their business. Details about the job and what it involves should be easy to locate. The information should be supported by evidence and reliable sources, and directions for how to access additional information should be readily available.

You’re asked for detailed personal information

When you request more information about a job working from home, providing details like your name and email address seems reasonable. You always want to be cautious about what information you give out online, but it’s particularly important to watch out for companies requesting banking or credit card information. 

Contact information is easily available

Is the company’s contact information easy to locate? Most legitimate businesses will have a phone number that you can call. Check that the company has an email address or contact form as well. Legitimate businesses want you to contact them with your questions – they can provide the best customer service that way.

Research the brand

Do your research. Start with a simple web search of the company name. Does the company have an official website? Does the site look professional? No online presence at all can also be a possible warning sign. Companies that aren’t legitimate tend to change their names frequently in order to avoid the complaints following them. If you discover a lot of complaints about the organization, it’s probably not something you want to get involved with. 

A trusted reputation

Reputation is so important in business. When researching legitimate work at home opportunities, it’s important to make sure that people have good feelings about the organization and see it in a positive light. The best home businesses will show evidence of growth and success. Talk to professionals already working in the industry to get a feeling for how the company is perceived by others. 

Trust your instincts

Using a little bit of common sense can go a long way when researching legitimate opportunities for at home work. If you have an uneasy feeling about an opportunity you come across, it’s probably best to trust your gut. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can start building your career from home, please contact A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections. We’re happy to provide you with more information about the at home franchise options available from A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections. 

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