A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Raises Funds for Individuals and Families Living with Autism

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Over $3,200 Raised through Walk the Walk for Autism Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) is taking steps to fight autism, over 52,500 steps in less than an hour to be exact.

Founder, president and CEO Bill Redfern teamed up with the brand’s Atlantic Canada franchisees Rick Mayuk and Trevor Johnston to participate in Walk the Walk for Autism, an annual walking charity event sponsored by Autism Nova Scotia in June. Team Lauren and Alex, named for Redfern’s children living with autism, which included several ABCHI franchisees, took over 52,500 steps, and raised over $3,200 for individuals and families living with autism.

ABCHI Midwest Canada May 2015 Top Awards

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Congratulations May 2015 Midwest Canada Top Award Winners!

Wow, what a month for the Midwest in May! Posting a 43% year over year growth in May when home sales are flat is quite an achievement for the team and a testament to the marketing efforts and the growing ABCHI brand.

Great work team!



Cliff continues to set the pace in May with 5 consistently high performing months. Cliff is sitting at just over 46% growth over 2014 in a mature franchise. Building on a solid foundation by adding a contractor last year, Cliff has built a solid growth plan to maximize his potential while maintaining enough balance to help out his fellow franchisees and help with bringing new people to the team.

Awesome job Cliff!

Congratulations Top Award Winners in Ontario for May 2015

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Congratulations to Team Ontario for an outstanding May 2015!


Franchise Owner Vaughan — Caledon

Congratulations Panos on an outstanding month, you have hit the big time with your Diamond achievement...well done!!

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BC MAY 2015 TOP Award Winners

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Please help us to congratulate all of our TOP AWARD winners for the month of May in SUPER-NATURAL British Columbia.



The Upper Fraser Valley real estate market is heating up. Ken can't keep up with the demand sometimes. He's even inspecting for people from the Yukon.

Great work!

ABCHI Atlantic Participates in Switch Dartmouth: Open Street Sunday

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On Sunday, June 7, ABCHI Atlantic was represented at Switch: Open Street Sunday in Dartmouth NS. 

ABCHI Atlantic was set up in a great location on Portland Street in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Here, the Atlantic team created the A Buyer’s Choice KID FUN ZONE where they gave away bubbles, jumbo freezies, and had sidewalk chalk for children to colour on the street.

So You Want To Grow Your Franchise Internationally - Here's What You Need To Know

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This article was originally published in the summer 2015 issue of Canadian Franchise Magazine. View the original article in full here.

International expansion is the natural next step for franchisors looking to broaden their reach.

But before you pack your bags and cross the ocean, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. Every street in every city in every country on every continent in the world has homes of some kind – and these homes house families who need a safe and reliable place to rest their heads at night. That’s what A Buyer’s Choice is all about – making sure that homes are in fine condition to be inhabited.

But it’s not as easy as simply selling your franchise concept to someone in a different country. There are hundreds of considerations to be made before you take this huge step, and they all boil down to one word: research.

 Get on the Same Page

The chances of a Canadian location of your Canada-based franchise looking the same as a location in the Middle East are low. The basic structure of your business can be the same, but it’s important to tailor your concept to the idiosyncrasies of different cultures.

Start your international journey with extensive research and exploratory travel. We outsource and hire market research firms to conduct research in the countries in which we’re interested in growing. We want to have a good handle on the market before we even consider opening businesses there. We also connect with real estate industry professionals and specialists across the globe who can give lots of information on the real estate climate, and, in turn, give you an idea of what it’s going to take to find property for a franchisee in that market.

ABCHI Midwest Canada April 2015 TOP Awards

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Congratulations April 2015 Midwest Canada Top Award Winners!

Game on! In April the Midwest team came on strong with a 14% increase year over year in a flat market. Solid marketing efforts followed by excellent service create the winning ABCHI brand in the Midwest.



WOW! Another fantastic month for Cliff. In order to keep up this pace Cliff keeps in top physical shape as indicated by his participation in the Spartan Beast, a gruelling 15 mile off-road obstacle course race. The work hard play hard balance is one of the true marks of a champion.

Awesome Job Cliff!

BC APRIL 2015 TOP Award Winners

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Please help us to congratulate all of our TOP AWARD winners for the month of April in SUPER-NATURAL British Columbia.



Congratulations on getting first out of the gate for the spring.Temps in the valley are hot, but Malcolm is even hotter!!

Well done!!

Congratulations Top Award Winners in Ontario for April 2015

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Congratulations to Team Ontario for an outstanding April 2015!


Franchise Owner Whitby-Oshawa

Congratulations on another great month Pedro and a fantastic year to date!

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