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A Buyers Choice Home Inspections is a turnkey franchise business designed to focus on the huge demand for Home Inspectors. We have established our brand and reputation with Realtors and homeowners across Canada and are now rapidly expanding into the USA and Worldwide. Our electronic home inspection reports are unique to the industry and we are setting a new standard of excellence and service in the home inspection industry.


Inspection Business Success Checklist

Successful business model
Proven methods are better than trial and error
Start-up assistance
On-going training and support
Association and synergy with other franchisees
Easier to obtain financing
Group buying power and marketing
You’ll never get laid off again. Tired of being on someone else’s spreadsheet? That won’t happen once you start working for yourself.
You can stop asking your boss for a raise and give yourself one. When you run your own business, there’s no limit to how much money you can make if your company takes off.

Home Inspection Franchise Opportunities

Let A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Help You Reach Your Financial Potential.

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections was developed from the need for a professional and customer service oriented home and property inspection service. With an extremely efficient business model, the Franchisee can create incredible value and satisfaction in business operations.

Our franchise offers various inspection services, such as:

  • Residential Home Inspection

    Astandard practice for every home purchase. A home inspection isn’t just about protecting an investment, but also about protecting the safety of the owner and their family.

  • Pre-sale Home Inspection

    Home sellers also gain peace of mind by investing in a thorough certified home inspection prior to putting a house up for sale.

  • Commercial Building Inspections


  • Radon Testing


  • Wood Energy Technical Transfer Inspection


  • Renovation Deficiency Inspections


  • New Home Warranty Inspection Services


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About A Buyer’s Choice

We started as a Canadian company with locations all over North America and the world. Our independently owned franchisees are highly trained inspection professionals. Our local knowledge and internationally recognized brand ensure the quality service we strive to provide every day of the week.

Locations in North America

Aaron Borsch
British Columbia – Tricities

I knew franchises have a higher rate of success, and ABCHI offered to help me to become an inspector, which is critical in an industry that can be tougher to get into. I’ve been able to reach out to others to get help when I need it. A Buyer’s Choice offers me assistance in terms of business coaching, ongoing training and marketing support. When I’m presented with a tough decision or situation, I rely the most on the advice of A Buyer’s Choice.

Joey Paler
Surrey, British Columbia

I’ve been in the print manufacturing industry for 25 years. I worked my way up starting in a quality control department for 15 years, which led to a technical role as a manager for quality assurance. Both my background and current work deal with clients and product quality deficiencies on a daily basis.
Why did you pick A Buyer’s Choice?
It’s a young, rapidly growing company. I liked the overall professional impression – everything from the presentation and uniform to the vehicle was top-notch. Also, the name is catchy! I had good vibes about it.

Jennifer Colwell & Kory Kohuch
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Being a previous small business owner is a real asset, so it was very positive to already have that knowledge of how to run the administrative side of the business. From there on, we were able to put our full attentions toward doing inspections.
Why did you pick A Buyer’s Choice?
A friend who had already purchased a franchise a year earlier referred us. We knew that he was satisfied with his decision and it sealed the deal for us!
What kind of support have you gotten from A Buyer’s Choice?
Being a part of the bigger ABCHI family is a huge benefit. We can confer with any of the other inspectors on issues that might need a second opinion or on something that maybe we’ve never encountered before. Everyone works together. Having a good regional owner that is there to offer guidance is important too.

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