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“Rick Mayuk and A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is the best thing that could have happened to me personally and to our Atlantic region! In my 10 years a Home Inspector in Halifax, I have worked with a few Regional Owners. Rick has done more for us then all the previous leaders together. There is no B-S, it is all about supporting you as person and as colleague! If he can’t help – he will find the answer. Rick is somebody you want to have in your corner and he will fight for you. From a business and marketing prospective you can’t find a better person. If you are thinking to join our Atlantic team do not hesitate because we are a family and we help each other. We struggle and win together but at the end of the day we all share the success and having Rick as our leader is so important to that success.”

Zdenko Juric | Franchise Owner
Greater Halifax

“It has been very rewarding and exciting building my business with A Buyer’s Choice Home inspections Atlantic. The best part about buying a franchise was the team that was already in place. From Rick and Trevor the Regional Owners to the now almost 20 inspectors, the support was unbelievable. Rick while still letting you run your own business your way is there all the time encouraging, supporting, whatever I have needed be it marketing help, business strategy he is very actively supporting the whole team. Also having seasoned successful inspectors with the same willingness to aid and support a new inspector with expert technical support and advice. It sets you on the right track and jump starts you miles ahead over trying to start a business on your own. ”

Kevin Travis | Franchise Owner
Saint John & SW New Brunswick

“Rick and Trevor are great Atlantic Regional Owners. I have been with A Buyers Choice for over 8 years and experienced past Regional Owners. Rick and Trevor are by far, the best this Region has had. They have always been very active in developing the region and assisting all Franchise Owners and contractors. They are innovative in improving our market share and the quality of service we offer. They are great people to work with and I am very happy to work with them and the ABCHI Family. ”

Ken Chislett | Independent Contractor
Greater Halifax

“Becoming a business Owner was very important to me, after serving in the military for 8 years and starting a family I wanted to be home more. With help from Rick Mayuk and the rest of the A Buyer’s Choice Atlantic team it was a smooth transition. Rick is a call or a text away when you want to bounce an idea off or just get a second opinion. If you are considering looking to joining the Atlantic team Rick and the rest of us are here to help.”

Alex Pay | Unit Franchise Owner
Annapolis Valley NS