Episode 002A Winter time, frozen sump pump ejection hose

I, Troy Trudgeon with A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, Edmonton NE, discuss problems with a frozen sump pump ejection hose in winter here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Sorry about the wind noise in some spots, I think the message still comes through OK. It’s minus -22° C out there today (that’s roughly -8° F). BTW, I’ve heard many folks suggest that you should use heat tape on the drain pipe… in my opinion, that’s a mistake. The reason that this home owner is going to use roof and gutter de-icing cable is that it is built and intended to be buried under snow and ice. It’s made to get wet and frozen; its purpose is to prevent ice damming on roofs and it comes in very long lengths. It’s easy to find at most home hardware stores. I’ll update you on this issue in a couple of months and let you know how things went with this particular home owner and his solution.

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