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Judy Schueler

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Customer Testimonials

Judy is exceptionally professional and

Judy is exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. She completed a thorough inspection of our newly built home and voluntarily followed up when we experienced a minor water leak in our attic three years later. Judy provided suggestions and contacts of individuals who specialize in the areas of concern. We’re appreciative of her ongoing help and expertise.

Michael Stang

I have known Judy for

I have known Judy for over 4 years, and when our son bought his first condo, it was a no-brainer to choose Judy and and her company to do the inspection. She is professional, thorough, and does her job with the utmost integrity. I would highly recommend Judy to all of my friends and business associates. Thanks for always putting your customers needs first!

Heather Kassian

Judy was brought in to

Judy was brought in to inspect our son’s first home purchase. Our son’s realtor uses Judy and her team almost exclusively because of her professionalism and integrity. She was thorough and really had our son’s best interests in mind. Whenever someone is purchasing a home I always recommend Judy to them-why wouldn’t you want peace of mind when buying what is probably your biggest investment? She cares about her clients and that comes across in spades. Thanks Judy!

Heather Kassian

Very knowledgeable and detailed in

Very knowledgeable and detailed in her explanations. Kept us aware of hazards and gave us instructions on how to extend the life span of our furnace and shingles and also on municipal regulations.


It is with great pleasure

It is with great pleasure that I submit this testimonial for Judy Schueler and A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections. 

During the process of purchasing a home in April of 2019, my family and I were referred to Judy when we needed to get an inspection done. Judy was amazing with us; not only was she extremely thorough when looking through our house, she also took the time to explain everything to us.. There was no corner of the house left uninspected..  Upon completing her inspection and reviewing some important information with us, she quickly ran to her vehicle and came back with a sheet of paper. This sheet was actually a certificate for our son (who, at the time, was almost two), letting him know that there were no monsters or scary creatures in our home. We were surprised and delighted by this extra step she chose to take when it certainly wasn’t expected or required – I thought this was the cutest thing ever. At the time, my son was too young to fully grasp the concept of the certificate; however, I decided to hold on to it and am so glad I did. My son, now three, has been saying there are monsters in his closet – however, I was able to show him that an inspector made sure our home was monster-free before we bought it. He thought the certificate was ‘the best thing ever’ and now wants to frame it and put it up in his room to help him remember he is safe in our home. 

To me, this just went above and beyond what we asked for from Judy. She was an amazing person to work with, took her time to explain everything for us, and created something special for our son that certainly paid off in the future.Thank you so much Judy, for being amazing at what you do!

Crystal Bouchard

Judy and her team pay

Judy and her team pay attention to every detail of the home inspection. They give valid advice on the home owners/buyers. Their rates are affordable and they will go anywhere within the greater Edmonton Area and NOT charge extra. And they take the time to educate you on what the problems are. They also have experts in acreages. I recommend Judy Schueler and her team to anyone looking to buy a home (including brand new ones…wise to get an inspection done BEFORE the one year warranty is up) or anyone who has just had a renovation completed, to ensure you know what you are paying for.

Megan G

I meet Judy about a

I meet Judy about a year ago, and she is amazing. Her skills on inspecting homes and educating the home owners about the new place is outstanding. She is thorough, informative and very professional. I highly recommend Judy to everyone who needs inspection services done.

Dumitru iancu

A huge thank you to

A huge thank you to Judy for her awesome work on the house we were interested in purchasing.
We have no problem recommending her to family or friends that may require her expertise.

Anne and Mel Tagseth

We bought our house without

We bought our house without an inspection. Mistake. With thoughts of reselling we decided to have the house inspected prior to listing. We called Judy, who did a complete and thorough inspection of the house and yard. Judy provided advice and recommendations on what should be done to make the house more appealing to buyers. We aren’t on the market yet, but we know what our strengths and weakness are, thank you Judy, and look forward to the quick sale without having to worry about s home inspection.

Al Homeniuk
St Albert

Buying my first home is

Buying my first home is a process in itself . She made the inspection part so easy and I learned a lot about my home and how to even take care of it. She was even knowledgeable about the new area and it helped me a lot. Extremely friendly and professional and would recommend to anyone .

Sherwood Park

Few years ago Judy did

Few years ago Judy did a inspection for my sister for her first home and made the reassurance that the home was good and was ok to proceed and was great.
Recently I also had the opportunity to work side by side with Judy and Brent on a inspection. There attention to detail and knowledge on a home inspection is great. Very professional and knowledgeable highly recommend.

Sherwood park

Thank you for your very

Thank you for your very efficient service and advice given to Emily.

John Byrne
Fort Saskatchewan

Judy and Brent were on

Judy and Brent were on time and provided efficient and informative service. I was very satisfied with the information that was shared with me and the documents provided. I would recommend them to anyone who requires a home inspection. Thanks!


Good Day Judy, I just

Good Day Judy, I just wanted to say thank you to yo and John for the thoroughness and professionalism put forth in this inspection. the amount of time for travel time, inspections time and report time does not add up to a lot $/he for one person let alone 2. My last experience was not even close to this. it took 1 person maybe 45 mins ( I am pretty sure not even), and certainly did not charge any less. I will certainly forward your contact information to anyone 1 hear of that is looking to purchase. Thanks again, Rick

Rick Cook
Strathcona County

Thanks for your thorough and

Thanks for your thorough and prompt report about the property, which is greatly important for our decision and will off my family a peace of mind for many years. Also, my family would like to say thanks for your careful and professional service, and we do feel extremely lucky to have you as our house inspector. Both buying and living in a house are something quite new to us, we feel really happy to have an awesome expert like you standing behind me. By the way, really enjoyed the times spent with you. I got a chance to see how a senior professional treat her work with both expertise and seriousness. For me , that is something instructive. All the best wishes Rui

Rui And Dr Leroy

Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the follow up. We felt as if you treated us like family. We appreciate all the help and guidance professional inspections services you gave.

Gord & Shirley Connors
Fort Saskatchewan

Fantastic job by Judy. I

Fantastic job by Judy. I can’t recommend her enough, she was easy to talk to, very professional and thorough with her inspection. Talking to her was like talking to an old friend, natural. The report was fantastic, so much information and a lot of pictures. Should I need another home inspector, Judy is the one I will call.

Darcy W
Sherwood Park

I had Judy do an

I had Judy do an inspection on an acreage of a client of mine and she came through with flying colors. This was a young, eager couple who were excited with the property during the inspection as part of the real estate duties I was able to observe how Judy did her work.She was not only professional and provided a detailed report to my clients she also took the time to explain things in detail to them and acted as an effective guide to potential problems to watch for as well as the strengths of the property itself without raising undue or unfair issues. She helped the young couple hear what what she had to say without squashing any of their enthusiasm. They left informed, prepared for the future and comfortable with the answers to the questions. And she had a cool hat! Her role in my client’s purchase process is important to me because it is important that she provide people with accurate information that informs without creating fear so that strong decisions can be made. After watching Judy do her job it is clear to me that her performance fits the bill. Her zeal and happiness demonstrates the desire to provide my clients with good information and offers me confidence that anyone I recommend her services to will be treated fairly and receive top end efforts. Thanks for the help. JOB WELL DONE JUDY!