About Our Home Inspection Services

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspectors provide a complete range of home inspection services to ensure you can make your home purchase with complete confidence. Our well trained, professional and dedicated inspectors do a thorough and complete inspection of homes and other buildings. Our services, done once and done right, will give you the peace of mind you need when making such an investment.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection a visual examination of the physical condition of a home (or other building). This is usually, but not always, connected to the sale of that home or building and its findings often determine the successful completion of that sale.

A home inspection will usually include an examination of the foundation and basement, roof, attic, heating and water systems, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the general condition of the structure itself. An inspector will look for poor construction practices and make note of any repairs that might be required or any general maintenance issues. Importantly, they will also make note of any fire and safety issues that need to be addressed.

Home Inspections are not conducted on a Pass or Fail basis, it provides a report that shows an itemized list of the condition of the home or building and any work that should be done. The inspection and the creation of the report is often a condition of the sale of the home. An inspection is conducted in about 95% of all real estate home transactions.

The level of training and certification required of home inspectors varies from place to place, depending on state or provincial regulations, but it is always advisable for anyone considering buying a home to insist on an inspection by a certified, experienced professional. This can save the buyer from many potential problems and expenses in the future.

While no industry  or legislated requirement exists – like the rest of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections’ practices, we set our standards very high.  All of our franchisees carry Errors and Omissions and Liability Insurance, whereas many home inspectors are not insured at all.  We recommend that no one ever use an uninsured inspector. 

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