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Jamie Higgins

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Customer Testimonials

My wife and I were

My wife and I were very happy with the home inspection Kevin did on the home we purchased. His report was detailed, and easy to understand. The issues that needed to be addressed and rectified were highlighted in a summary at the beginning of Kevin’s report in addition to the full report. This was highly impressive, and enabled us to immediately go back to the developer and get them corrected in a timely fashion prior to taking possession. Kevin always made himself available to discuss his inspection and offer advice. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a hom inspection.

Mark Gordon
Edmonton (South East)

Friendly professional really happy with

Friendly professional really happy with his service

Miss Rhonda Fergusson
Sturgeon County

The decision to engage your

The decision to engage your services to perform a home inspection of our home for the last 13 years has provided us with a report that is both extremely informative and yet useful at the same time. Your use of modern inspection tools such as infrared camera and moisture meter has provided a 32 page report full of colour pictures and details not visible to the naked eye. I highly recommend your services to not only home purchasers desiring an honest 3rd party evaluation of a property before buying but also to current owners of a property looking to protect their investment. The report provided was timely, well organized, covered both the interior and exterior of the house and offered solutions and recommendations along with the results of the numerous inspections performed. I do not believe anyone would be disappointed with your services that are provided in a timely manner for a reasonable price.

Mat and Louise Bonertz

Barry Malesh did a great

Barry Malesh did a great job providing inspection services for a recent home purchase. His inspection was very thorough through all visible and accessible locations of the house from the shingles to the floor slab and everything in between, inside and out. Very personable, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, the costs for his services were extremely reasonable and his report was ready on the same day as the inspection with plenty of pictures, descriptions and recommendations of things that needed to be done. We’d have no hesitation using his services again or recommending him to others.

Mike & Natalie Henderson
Calgary, Alberta

To those who are looking

To those who are looking for a reliable, experienced and hassle-free house inspector, I strongly recommend Barry.

This is real life story: The original inspector I hired did a very brief, generic report with very limited value added information. After I finalized the purchase transaction of the house, problems started to surface with water leaks. The house had multiple water stains under the old flooring which reflected potential water leaks. I suddenly felt so unsure that I had done something really stupid listening to the original inspector and bought the house.

Anyway, I decided to get the house inspected again to identify further problems if there were any. One of my friends recommended Barry, so I hired him for the second inspection of the house. Here is the comparison:

Original Inspector Barry
Length of inspection 2 hours 4 hours
Inspection report 6 pages 🙁 52 pages, very detailed, logically organized, very easy to follow
Equipments Basic tools Professionally equipped (very cool tools with infra red technology)
Knowledge level Very limited info Life time free advice and valuable info with regards to house maintainances
Customer Service 🙁 Very impressive customer care and after sale services
Thank God the house turns out to be structurally in good condition but Barry did bring up some potential issues which may become problems later on if no attention is given.

Barry does not only provide the customer with good knowledge and advice, but also, the most important thing to home buyers: peace of mind…you know what you are buying, an apple, not an apple rotten inside which is disguised by its looks.

Jenny Zhang

Barry Malesh was our Home

Barry Malesh was our Home Inspector. He was extremely professional and covered all the bases. We appreciated all the photographs that were included in our report. Barry was prompt, polite and was able to answer all our questions. We would highly recommend his services.

Ellie Shaver

Barry was knowledgeable and thorough.

Barry was knowledgeable and thorough. He went the extra mile to accommodate us on the weekend and took his time going through the property. He addressed every area that was a concern for us and did not rush through the inspection even though it was a Sunday morning. I would definitely recommend Barry. His excellent customer service and friendly approach made for a great experience.

Mary and Paul

We all were really impressed

We all were really impressed with Barry’s professional judgement and work. I would say we know our future house way better than before and we apreciate Barry’s recommendations to maintain and improve our house. We higly recommend Barry’s services for our family friends and for everyone who need a quality home inspection. I would love to work with Barry again in future.

Muhammad Awar

As first time home buyers,

As first time home buyers, there are a lot of factors that are required in buying a house that we were unaware of. My husband and I found a great older home, but were unsure exactly what we were getting into. Barry at A Buyer’s Choice was referred to us to do a home inspection. He was actually on vacation but took the time to come and do our inspection, so I was impressed from my first phone call with Barry. On the day of the inspection, he was professional and upfront with us on his scope and what he’s able to report to us. He was very thorough from the beginning to the end of the inspection and welcomed us to follow him through the house and ask questions when we had them. His reports brought any issues of importance to the forefront as well as reassured us of other fixes that can be done over time. We are thrilled with the results and are excited to move into our new home. I would recommend Barry to anyone looking to buy an older home and require an inspection. Thanks Barry, we now have peace of mind that we made the right purchase.

SharaLee Ward

Barry was so thorough, so

Barry was so thorough, so considerate, so understanding, explained what he was seeing and what could be done to fix the item. He took lots of pictures and in his report explained everything to us in plain english so that we could understand and his photos showed us exactly where the problem was. We also found out that the house is in great shape – which is awesome and very comforting to us. Having the home inspection done by a very qualified, professional man was one of the best investments we have made! Thank you very much Barry!

Kathy Joa

I can’t speak highly enough

I can’t speak highly enough of both Barry & Michael. Through their very in depth inspection they found issues in the house I was about to purchase that would have cost me a fortune to fix. Should the need arise for another inspection, I know who I will call.

Lucy V

We worked with Barry on

We worked with Barry on our recent home inspection. We are buying an older home, and I was quite nervous about what we may find during the inspection. Barry is not only very thorough, but took all the time my husband and I needed to answer questions. By the end of the inspection I felt confident we were making the right decision in purchasing the home. We hope to never move again, but if we do we will be using Barry as our Home Inspector! Truly amazing service! We thank you again Barry!

Kristina Kelland