Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Don’t wait for something to happen to your home; instead, get into a routine of setting up quarterly home maintenance checks. A Buyer’s Home Inspection – Lone Tree loves to help homeowners protect their home by sharing our seasonal maintenance checklists. Below is our fall home maintenance checklist.









  • Have furnace/heating system serviced by a qualified service professional or company.
  • Check and clean or replace furnace air filters each month during the heating season. Ventilation system, such as heat recovery ventilator filters should be checked every two months.
  • Vacuum electric baseboard heaters to remove dust.
  • Remove grilles on forced air systems and vacuum inside the ducts.
  • Check sump pump and line to ensure proper operation, and to ascertain that there are no line obstructions or visible leaks.
  • Replace window screens with storm windows.
  • Ensure all doors to the outside shut tightly, and check other doors for ease of use. Renew door weather-stripping, if required.
  • Ensure windows and skylights close tightly.
  • Clean leaves from roof and test downspouts to ensure proper drainage.
  • Drain and store outdoor hoses. Close valve to outdoor hose connection and drain hose bib, unless your house has frost-proof hose bibs.

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection – Lone Tree’s Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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