Air Quality & Mould Detection Survey

Air Quality & Mould Detection Survey

The average family spends 90% of their time indoors, so the quality of your indoor air is paramount to your health and to the health of your loved ones. Getting regular measurements of your home’s indoor air quality is a vital step in ensuring the health of your family.

Fast & Accurate Measurement.

Because you can’t often see or smell Mould and air contaminants, we’ll measure particulate matter, including Mould spores, in every room of your house, pinpointing any issue areas. You will receive a summary report, which will help you determine the condition of the air in your home and whether any areas require additional sampling.

A Cost-Effective Solution.

Mould sampling and lab work is expensive and often unnecessary. Our Air Quality and Mould Detection survey provides a thorough and inexpensive alternative.  Protect Your Family’s Health – Get a Comprehensive Air Quality and Mould Detection Survey Today! details