Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Inspections

During the course of our busy everyday lives we can often overlook some very important things. This is never more true than with general household maintenance. Aside from being the place where you hang your hat, a home is also a very valuable investment. Failure to maintain it properly can damage your home and downgrade its value.

A home maintenance inspection by A Buyer’s Choice will identify for you those areas and aspects of your home that need attention

This will include:

  • Roof
  • Gutters and Drainspouts
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Furnaces and air conditioning (including filters)
  • Smoke detectors and other safety equipment
  • Plumbing and faucets
  • Windows and doors
  • Basement walls and drains

Our inspection will provide you with three complete lists:

  • Required Items

    Problems that require immediate attention

  • Deferred Items

    Things that should be dealt with soon

  • Future Maintenance Items

    Things that should be noted, but are not urgent