WETT inspections

WETT Certified Inspection

WETT Certified Inspection

What is a Wood Energy Technical Transfer Inspection?

With the price of oil going through the roof, more and more people are turning to wood burning systems to heat their homes. While cheaper than oil, it also poses a greater risk of fire. If you currently heat your home (completely or partially) with wood, it is in your best interest to have your system inspected by a Wood Energy Technical Transfer (WETT) specialist.

Does my insurance company require a WETT Inspection?

In fact, most insurance companies today require a WETT certification to honor your policy.

A WETT Inspection by A Buyer’s Choice inspector will ensure that your system is installed and operating correctly, and that it poses no threat to your home and family. Our WETT inspectors will also tell you how to properly maintain your system to make sure your family is safe year after year.