Planning a Renovation? Have Your Home Inspected First!

Renovations are an exciting undertaking that can turn your property into a dream home for your family, but they can also be quite stressful – especially if you uncover some unknown issues once you’ve begun that can add to your already tight budget and timeline. By having your home inspected before your renovation projects begin, […]

Ensuring Your Home has a Solid Foundation

Basement flooding is the number one issue that often comes to mind when most people think about foundation issues. That’s because both homeowners and homebuyers want to ensure that the home’s interior and their possessions aren’t ruined if water seeps indoors, causing a large out-of-pocket expense. What people often fail to realize, however, is that […]

Log Homes Require Specialized Home Inspection Skills

If you’re planning to purchase a log home or require a home inspection on the one you already own, it’s important to ensure you partner with a professional home inspector who understands what to look for when inspecting this specific type of structure. Something you should know about Log Homes Log homes feature many unique […]

Realtors: Home Inspectors Make Great Partners for Your Business

Whether your sellers are interested in having a pre-inspection completed prior to listing their property or your buyers are looking to make an informed home purchase, ensuring they have access to a trusted professional home inspector is essential. This is even more important as many markets cool across Canada and transition into balanced territory or […]

Climate Change is Impacting Us All: Here’s How to Protect Your Home

While we can’t immediately change the weather we’re experiencing that’s seeing extreme flooding increasingly impacting regions throughout the country, we can help safeguard our homes – and wallets – against it.  Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster across Canada, causing approximately $1.5 billion in damage to households, property and infrastructure annually, withresidential […]

Preparing Your Home for a Flood

Preparing your home for overland flooding during heavy rains and the spring thaw is an important precaution, since this is a serious issue that can occur anywhere in Canada. Overland flooding – where water flows overland and seeps into buildings through windows, doors and cracks – is one of the most frequent and costly natural […]

How Do I Protect my Home from Flooding in a Storm?

Whether you’re in the market to buy a property or you’re thinking of staying put for now in your existing home, protecting among the largest financial investments of your lifetime from flood damage is a big deal. It’s hurricane season, and while most of us won’t have to deal with the full impact of this […]

Key Indicators for Spotting Water Damage

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When you set up an inspection appointment for the home you’re planning to buy, one main component our inspectors are trained to look for includes signs of water damage. That’s because drips, leaks and flooding can cause major structural damage if not addressed properly and/or in a timely manner. Catching potential issues like this before […]

Exploring Foundation Cracks

Adam Anderson Foundation Cracks

When most people think about foundation cracks, basement flooding/moisture intrusion comes to mind. Homeowners and homebuyers alike begin worrying that their most prized possessions could be ruined by water making its way indoors, and they could face a large out-of-pocket expense. But, what people fail to realize is that the impact of a foundation crack […]