Blog Image Nov Dec 2017

Buying Local Matters

Supporting local franchises is an excellent way to back the ‘buy local’ movement that’s top-of-mind within many Canadian communities.

There’s a misconception that because someone owns a franchise, they’re not local. On the contrary, each A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchise is independently owned and operated within a local community. We empower local people who undergo rigorous training – well above industry standards – before becoming active within their communities.

The major benefit to buying into an established business and trusted brand model is that it’s tried and true, and owners are able to bypass the uncertainty of launching an upstart business on their own. After all, many unsupported new businesses fail within the first year.

Through franchise affiliation, owners and inspectors benefit from being able to lean on a network of peers and learn from past experiences, while sharing best practices and gaining support through mentoring. This means they’re well connected to what’s new and trending in home inspection and maintenance practices, and this knowledge flows through to their professional inspection services conducted within local homes.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to spend a significant amount of money by hiring firms for consultation or marketing purposes. Most franchises, however, offer these types of services as part of the franchise agreement, so owners profit from economies of scale.

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections professionals are locally established in a similar manner to many real estate and mortgage experts. They’re all independent business owners relying on a solid brand and support network to help their businesses consistently grow and thrive. And money made by franchisees remains in the local community as well.


What makes a business ‘local’?

Flying a certain brand’s flag or claiming to be an independent isn’t what makes a business local. It’s how involved you are in giving back to your community by supporting local events and charities that truly makes business owners active local participants.

Communities only benefit from local businesses that give back where they work and live, and are passionate about making their hometowns better places.

Giving back is, in fact, an important part of the A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections mentality. We embrace community and charity as an organization right down to the grassroots level – a contributing factor to how we became Canada’s largest home inspection company, with franchises that have since expanded into the US and worldwide.