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Moving with Kids? We Can Help

Since spring is the most common time of year to put your home on the market and prepare to move in the summer before another school years begins, it’s also a great time to gear your family up for the move.

For the most part, children are resilient and enjoy new adventures, but sleeping in a new home can pose a real problem.

We have kids too – so we get it. Moving can be scary! That’s why we include a Monster Free Guarantee and encourage you to bring your children to the home inspection. We can check under the stairs, in closets and under beds – or anywhere your kids would like us to look – at no additional charge to help set their minds at ease that there are no monsters, ghosts or gremlins present in your new home.

We’ll then provide a special certificate with your address, the date and the inspector’s signature to certify the home is Monster Free Guaranteed.

Top Tips for Moving with Children

In addition to, or in coordination with, our Monster Free Guarantee, here are five things you can do to help your children transition to a new home:

  1. Encourage your kids to explore on their own. Be sure to point out unique, fun areas such as hidden doors or stairwells. Inspection day is a great time for this, so we can inspect any additional areas they choose.
  2. Remain upbeat about the move. Your children often follow by example. If they see you’re having fun and are excited about the new home, they will be too. Of course, this may mean accepting some extra help from family and friends to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed on moving day.
  3. Invite them to help unpack. Empowering your kids to start setting up their own rooms the way they want will help them adjust to their new spaces.
  4. Talk about decorating. Encourage your children to offer input into how their new rooms will look so they take ownership of their new spaces. This can include selecting paint colours, throw rugs, bedding or anything you’d like to change.
  5. Make the backyard fun. Set up an outdoor play area and be sure to spend time enjoying it with your kids whenever possible so they don’t become stir crazy indoors. This is another way help from family and friends will come in handy.

Have questions about our Monster Free Guarantee or any of our inspection services? Answers are just a call or email away.

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