Giving Back to the community is part of our DNA at A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.

Being an active part of the communities we serve is important to us. A portion of every inspection we complete is donated back into the communities we serve via our Inspectors Care foundation.

We are proud of the fact that each of our Inspectors are locally owned and operated business owners, meaning that we live and work in the very communities that we serve and are able to contribute to building strong, relationship-driven communities by contributing to local causes.

What Does It Mean to “Be Local”?

Our franchise owners and their teams feel a strong commitment to service excellence as they Assist Real Estate professionals, Comfort property buyer and sellers and Protect all involved in the inspection process. We also recruit right from our home communities, helping to boost the economy by keeping dollars at a local level.

Flying a certain brand’s flag or claiming to be an independent isn’t what makes a business local. It’s how involved you are in giving back to your community by supporting local events and charities that truly makes business owners active local participants.

Communities only benefit from local businesses that give back where they work and live, and are passionate about making their hometowns better places.

Recognizing that commitment and responsibility aren’t confined to business operations, our Franchisees consistently leverage their energies and resources to give back to their local communities. Many of our Inspectors demonstrate exemplary commitment to community service through regular involvement in local causes, fundraising efforts and volunteerism.

Giving back is, in fact, an important part of the A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections mentality. 

We embrace community and charity as an organization right down to the grassroots level – a contributing factor to how we became Canada’s largest home inspection company, with franchises that have since expanded into the US and worldwide.