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Dispelling 3 Common Home Inspection Myths

Hey – have you heard the one about the home inspector who could predict the future? We hope not! While our home inspectors are highly trained and knowledgeable, they aren’t fortune tellers. This is just one of many popular myths we often hear while going about our daily inspections.

It’s important to understand both what a home inspector does and doesn’t do as part of an inspection to help realistically set your own expectations as well as manage the expectations of potential homebuyers.

Myth #1: A home inspection and home appraisal are the same thing

While both a home inspection and an appraisal are important steps within the homebuying process, they’re very different. A home inspection is used to provide an assessment of the physical condition of a property on behalf of a current homeowner or potential buyer to determine the shape of the building and its major systems (roof, structural, heating, plumbing, electrical, etc). A home appraisal, on the other hand, is ordered by the lender to get an expert opinion on the market value of a specific property.

Myth #2: A home inspector will uncover absolutely everything wrong with a property

As experts, it’s our goal to discover as much as possible about any home we inspect. We can’t, however, move objects around or see behind walls. Thanks to specialized technologies such as thermal imaging and moisture meters, we’re able to dig deeper during our visual inspections. If for instance, you’re buying a home in the dead of winter, we won’t be able to see leaks, but we can check the attic for signs of frost and moisture problems.

Myth #3: Any home worthy of purchasing will pass an inspection

Home inspection reports will never indicate whether a home deserves to ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ upon inspection. It’s our job to determine whether the home is safe and list suggested actions that will help potential homebuyers understand what’s serious, what needs immediate attention, and what’s worth mentioning but only requires someone to keep an eye on it in future. In the end, it’s the potential homebuyer who determines whether the home is a worthwhile investment.

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