home componet life expectency

Every Homeowner Wonders: How Long Will THAT Last?

As a homeowner, you inevitably ask yourself – or your home inspector when you’re buying a property – how long major structures and systems will last once you move in, including the roof, HVAC unit, windows, and so on, because you know home maintenance is a large ongoing cost that you’d like to manage as well as possible.

Regardless of your home’s age, you’re likely going to have to spend money on upkeep every year, so it makes sense to have a maintenance fund that you contribute to on a regular basis to cover these expected, and unexpected, issues since you can’t be sure exactly when things will need to be repaired and/or replaced.

Here’s a general guide to help you understand the typical life expectancy of minor home components such as caulking all the way up to major systems like plumbing and plan accordingly.

home appliance life spanOf course, it’s also wise to take into consideration styles and brands, as well as wear and tear, since some products last longer than others depending on how they’re constructed and used. And, for the most part, people replace/upgrade certain components within their homes during renovations to keep them looking fresh well before their effective life is over.


Appliance Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Freezer 10-20
Gas Stove 10-18
Washing Machine 5-15
Electric Stove 14
Range Hood 14
Clothes Dryer 13
Refrigerator 9-13
Dishwasher 9
Microwave 9


Roofing Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Clay Concrete 80+
Slate 50+
Wood 25
Metal 17-20
Asphalt Shingles (Architectural) 15-20
Fibre Cement 18
Asphalt Shingles (3-tab) 10-15
BUR (Built-Up Roofing) 10-12


HVAC Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Ducting 60-100
Thermostat 35
Gas Fireplace 15-25
Air Handler 15-20
Air Conditioner (Central) 10-15
Condensing Unit 8-15


Plumbing, Fixtures & Faucets Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Toilets, Bidets & Urinals 100+ (if not cracked)
ABS and PVC Waste Pipe 50-80
Plastic Water Lines 75
Water Line (copper) 50-75
Water Line (plastic) 50-75
Cast-Iron Waste Pipe (below ground) 50-60
Cast-Iron Waste Pipe (above ground) 40
PEX 40
Fibreglass Bathtub and Shower 20
Water Softener 20
Water Heater (conventional) 8-12
Instant (on-demand) Water Heater 10
Toilet Tank Components 5


Flooring Average Life Expectancy (Years)
All Wood Floors 100+
Bamboo 100+
Exotic Wood 100+
Granite 100+
Slate 100
Tile 75-100
Terrazzo 75+
Concrete 50+
Engineered Wood 50+
Linoleum 25
Vinyl 25
Laminate 15-25
Carpet 8-10


Windows Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Vinyl/Fibreglass 10-30
Aluminum/Aluminum-Clad 10-15
Double-Pane 5-15
Skylights 5-15
Wood 15+
Window Glazing 8+


Doors (Exterior) Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Fibreglass 100+
Fire-Rated Steel 100+
Wood 30+
Vinyl 10


Decking Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Structural Wood 5-20
Composite 8-15
Deck Planks 10


Adhesives, Caulking & Paint Average Life Expectancy (Years)
Roofing Adhesives/Cements 8+
Caulking (Interior) 5-8
Paint (Exterior) 5+
Sealants 5
Stains 2-6
Caulking (Exterior) 1-3


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