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A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspectors in [cs_acf field=”location”], provides a complete range of home inspection services to ensure you purchase or sell your home with confidence.

Our certified, professional and dedicated inspectors do a thorough and complete inspection of homes and buildings.

Our services include a complete examination of the foundation and basement, roof, attic, heating and water systems, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the general condition of the structure itself.

Our inspectors will look for poor construction practices and make note of any repairs that might be required or any general maintenance issues.

Importantly, they will make note of any fire and safety issues that need to be addressed.

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An inspector can alert you to red flag safety issues.

Shield you from costly discoveries after you buy the home and protect your financial interests.

Give you buyer’s confidence.

Get a full scope of the maintenance and type of repairs that may be necessary.

An inspection report can help your insurance agent facilitate the proper coverage.
A pre-inspected home is a great marketing tool.

Offer full disclosure to potential buyers so all parties can proceed in the home purchase process with confidence.

By having an inspection done and disclosing needed repairs, you control repair negotiations and could save thousands of dollars.

Avoid disappointment from the unknown with last minute emergency repairs and closing delays.
Lends to the credibility of the Realtor who is willing to put forth the interests of both the buyer and seller.

Prior acknowledgment of any issues or defects the home may have will leave buyers with fewer objections, resulting in less negotiation.

Buyers may be positively influenced by a professional home inspection report, improving the speed, price, and likelihood of a sale.

Justify the listing price by documenting the home’s condition.
At A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections – Guelph we include a free limited 90 day warranty with every complete home inspection we perform.
It is extremely important not only to take care of your home itself, but to be aware of the products in it. We include a free Recall Chek with every complete home inspection, so you have the most up to date safety information about the products and components of your home.
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In our quest to become the #1 home inspection franchise in Canada, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is thrilled to now offer AIR MILES Bonus Cards to all our participating customers.

We’re proud that A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections has become a member of the prestigious AIR MILES® family. In addition to receiving the top-quality, professional services of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Franchise Members, customers will also receive a valuable AIR MILES® Bonus Card. Simply go online to deposit the reward miles into your AIR MILES® Collector Account and reap the rewards of everything from electronics to exotic getaways!

For more information on how you can benefit from the new partnership between A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections and AIR MILES®, please contact your local franchise office.


Jeff was very through, while showing my and I what needed to be done now and what we will need in the near future. Great job. Would recommend Jeff anytime we have a chance. Thank you.

Jeff was awesome! The tools he has available to do some of the more complex inspections were really helpful! The heat display video monitor/camera was amazing to show us the issues with double tapping in the electrical panel and the heat that is generated as a result. He also found things that we would have never noticed until we took possession of the property. This helped us negotiate a little money off of the offer and allowed us to identify the immediate items that needed to be address once we moved in. Highly recommend Jeff as a home inspector, he was super professional in dealing with the listing agent and seller, and seemed to never miss anything… Shook every cabinet door in the kitchen, inspected everything mechanical about the house, not one thing was missed! We will call him for sure for our next property!

Completely grateful and satisfied. Jeff explained things in a way that allowed us to understand what and why he was talking about. Absolutely no beating around the bush, he knows his stuff and explained it easily, thoroughly and professionally. The goodie bag was a great idea, “nice touch”. Makes a potential home owner so much more at ease and confident. Thanks Jeff. Job done exceptionally well. Shawn Cox, Cathy Markell

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