How to Stay Cooler this Summer – Even in a Heatwave!

We’ve pretty much experienced heatwaves from coast to coast already – and there’s a lot of summer left!  

If you have central air conditioning, be sure to have it serviced regularly – and especially if it doesn’t seem to be keeping your home cool. (View our Summer Home Maintenance Checklist to ensure your entire home remains in top shape.)

Tips to help optimize your AC system’s efficiency

  1. Check filters regularly. Dirty filters can restrict airflow.
  2. Clear debris away from outside AC unit (condensing unit) to allow air to be drawn across the coils.
  3. Keep unit’s fins clean. Wait for the coolest time of day (usually early morning) and turn off AC at the breaker. Lightly brush any grass, dirt or debris off the coils and rinse with a garden hose to clear remaining dirt. Don’t use a pressure washer as its force can damage the coils.
  4. Check ductwork connections for leaks. 20%-30% of AC energy can be lost through leaks in ducts.
  5. Examine windows and doors. You don’t want your cooled air to escape or hot air to come in. Make sure all seals are tight and there’s no debris on the tracks that prevents them from closing properly.
  6. Ensure your ceiling fans are running in a counter-clockwise direction (clockwise in winter).
  7. Keep air registers clear from furniture and other household items, and open. Wipe the vent clean with a damp microfibre cloth. If the grate has attracted dust bunnies, soak them briefly in a bucket of hot water and mild dish soap. Ensure the fixture is completely dry before reinstalling.
  8. Close window coverings. Direct sunlight shining into any room will raise temperatures significantly.

If these steps don’t make a big enough difference in optimizing the cooling power of your AC system, be sure to call in an expert. This will not only save you money on cooling your home,  but will also help prolong the life of your AC system.

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