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Our Home Inspection Fee is Money Well Spent!

Everyone likes to save money, but the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ is so true when selecting a professional home inspection company that will ensure your property receives a thorough examination.

At the end of the day, home inspections are an exercise in risk reduction. Their true value is in alerting you to big-ticket issues within the property, which can safeguard you against buying a money pit.

Home inspection is a complex service that’s not to be taken lightly. Our professionals undergo rigorous training that’s above industry standards to ensure we’re offering the best advice when it comes to one of the largest financial investments you’ll ever make. That’s why adding value and being competitive is far more important to us than being the cheapest available home inspection provider.

You must also compare apples to apples. What are you receiving as part of your home inspection? Aside from our thorough report and stringent training, we also provide such add-ons as industry-leading warranties and even Air Miles rewards at no additional cost.

How do home inspection fees compare to other services?

Our average home inspection fee is about $500 for a 2,000-square-foot house and includes infrared/thermal imaging. Each region is different, however, depending on a number of factors such as market conditions, but your inspector will be able to give you an accurate quote specific to your property’s size, age and location.

In the grand scheme of homebuying, a home inspection is among the least expensive services, yet provides the opportunity to save the most amount of money. This savings is not only realized at the time of offer/negotiations but also after the home purchase thanks to expertise passed along by the inspector about upcoming maintenance and other specific costs/cautions related to the property.

We also offer additional specialty services that are not part of a standard inspection, such as Wood Energy Technical Transfer (WETT) inspection for wood-burning systems, radon testing and water testing, to name a few, which also vary in cost by region.

Let’s compare a home inspector’s hourly rate to that of an engineer who typically makes $150-250 per hour according to the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. On average, a home inspection consists of about 2.5 hours of onsite work plus two hours to write the report, which equals 4.5 total hours. At a rate of $150/hour, the inspection would cost $675; and at $250/hour, it would be $1,125. A $500 home inspection fee is roughly $111/hour.

Now think about what it costs to replace mechanical systems within a home, repair structural issues or remediate mould. Our average $500 fee is just a drop in the bucket to ensure you don’t end up buying a property with major issues.

Most people don’t buy the least expensive home or the cheapest car, because they want value for their spend. It makes sense, therefore, to select your home inspection company based on value as well.


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