3 Things Will Help Protect Your Roof This Winter

Winter weather can take its toll on our homes – especially the roof – when we get into heavy snowfall and mixed precipitation like freezing rain that can cause thick layers of ice to form. The key is to have a plan in place to monitor your roof condition and take action before a major […]

Ensuring Your Roof is in Good Repair

Roof Inspection tips

Roof repair can be costly, but the financial commitment is well worth it, especially as harsher winter weather approaches. And, often times, you can save yourself a load of stress and money by dealing with it as a preventative measure rather than when a leak gets worse or catastrophe strikes and your roof collapses.  There […]

Tips for Avoiding Roof Collapse this Winter

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Let’s face it – we encounter pretty severe winter weather in most parts of the country at some point during the winter. Whether precipitation arrives in the form of snow, freezing rain, ice or all of the above, it’s important to know how to ease the weight on your roof to help prevent disaster from […]

Addressing Attic Frost & Moisture Problems

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During colder months, there’s an increased risk of moisture within a home’s attic space. If given a pathway, warm, moist air finds its way into the attic and condenses before it’s able to exhaust through various venting systems. The harsh, cold temperatures turn this condensation into frost and, as weather warms up, the frost melts […]