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Wood-Burning Systems Should be Inspected by a WETT Certified Expert

Is your current home or the house you’re looking to purchase completely or partially heated with wood? If so, it’s in your best interest to have all wood-burning appliances inspected by a Wood Energy Technical Transfer (WETT) specialist.

Blog Image Apr MayA WETT Inspection will ensure that your system is correctly installed and operating properly, and that it poses no threat to your home and family. Your inspector will also advise you on how to best maintain your system to ensure your family remains safe year after year.

When using wood-burning appliances, the potential for harmful pollutants to be released into your home as well as combustible materials to ignite is increased. That’s why it’s essential to have these systems regularly inspected and properly maintained.

A WETT inspection typically includes a visual check of:

  • Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Fireplace Inserts & Freestanding Units
  • Pellet Stoves & Vents
  • Woodstoves & Flue Pipes
  • Wood-Burning Furnaces & Boilers

WETT inspections are also often required as part of the home insurance process, with insurance companies insisting that homes using wood-burning appliances are thoroughly inspected by a professional and given the green light before the home can be insured.

If you’re planning to purchase an older home or cottage that includes wood-burning appliances, a WETT inspection is vital. Cottages, in particular, often rely on wood-burning appliances and the installation of these features is not always in compliance with WETT standards. An inspection will be able to tell you whether these systems are operating properly, remain in good structural condition and that they’re burning in a safe manner.

In order to become WETT certified, inspectors must undergo specialized training. And ongoing education is also required to maintain WETT certification, ensuring WETT inspectors are on top of the latest designs, technology and information to best advise you throughout the home inspection process.

WETT certification is a specialized enhancement to our already rigorous inspector training regimen.

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