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Are You an Entrepreneur at Heart?

Have you been thinking about starting your own business and becoming your own boss? While self-employment isn’t for everyone, there are several key traits that successful entrepreneurs share.

Five beliefs and behaviours that are vital to the success of any business owner, include:

  1. Motivation
  2. Vision
  3. Creativity
  4. Collaboration
  5. Decisiveness

Likely the most important characteristic is motivation. If you’re a self-starter who isn’t afraid to work hard to meet your goals, then you’re off to a great start! You have to be able to bring enthusiasm, positivity and confidence to every aspect of your career in order to ensure you’re offering clients the best possible advice and experience. And it doesn’t matter which career path you choose, if you’re motivated to succeed, you’ll likely make things happen. Motivation is not a trait that can be easily taught.

When it comes to vision, successful entrepreneurs always keep one eye on the big picture while planning out ways to reach larger, longer-term goals. Ask yourself these questions: Can I see which direction my industry is headed?; Can I identify challenges moving forward?; and Can I manage day-to-day responsibilities while staying focused on long-term goals and initiatives? If so, you’re likely ready to start planning your next career move.

Do you have a creative mindset? No matter what industry you’re in, clients are always looking for solutions to common problems. As a successful business owner, it’s up to you to be able to demonstrate how you’ll provide answers for specific scenarios and help your clients. It’s also essential to be continually thinking of new ways to improve your company’s workflow, productivity and bottom line. A successful salesperson must always keep innovation top of mind, as you’re selling yourself and your business at all times.

Savvy entrepreneurs are not only great leaders, but also strong collaborators. Being able to brainstorm and share best practices with other professionals helps make you better every day while you continue on your path of constant education and advancement. No matter how good you are at something, it’s important to always strive to be even better. Being a good collaborator also means adjusting to other people’s workstyles and personalities, understanding your clients’ needs and managing expectations by meeting or exceeding all deadlines. You have to be a people person to succeed in any career.

Finally, are you quickly able to make decisions, even under pressure? As an owner, you don’t have time to flipflop on a direction. You must be able to make an educated decision and stick with it moving forward. This includes constantly re-prioritizing tasks in order to remain organized and on track.

What’s your next step?

If you feel confident that you can conquer everything mentioned above, it’s time to consider what type of business you’d like to start. Perhaps a home inspection franchise is a wise investment for you?

One key to success as a home inspector is the reassurance that even when your local economy isn’t on top of its game, homes must still be inspected as they’re build, bought, sold, renovated and maintained.

By investing in an A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) franchise, you’re able to launch your business while not having to start a company from scratch. This is a huge differentiator when considering what type of business is right for you.

ABCHI is a turnkey franchise that’s successfully operating across Canada, North America and beyond. The major benefit to buying into an established business and trusted brand model is that it’s tried and true, and backed by other successful owners.

Don’t worry about not knowing the business! We can teach you everything you need to know about the home inspection industry in order to run a successful franchise as long as you’re passionate about people and sales!

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