Identifying Shut Off Valves And Breakers In Your Home

All homes are equipped with gas and water emergency shut-off valves. They’re an important part of your home’s mechanical system, so it’s important that you know where they’re located and why you may need to use them before you encounter an emergency situation. Main Water Shut-Off Valve Outdoor Hose Bib Shut-Off Valve Humidifier Water Shut-Off Valve Furnace Gas […]

Meet Chad Keujer, now LIVE in the Lethbridge – Alberta area! 

Chad, a native of Coaldale, has dedicated his life to serving the communities of southern Alberta, an area he is immensely proud to call home. His passion for home renovation and maintenance was cultivated early on, a fascination he’s nurtured through involvement in projects ranging from small bathroom upgrades to extensive kitchen overhauls, assisting family and friends alike.

Meet Tyler Beyer, now LIVE in the Regina – Saskatchewan area! 

Growing up in a quaint town north of Regina, Tyler Beyer’s childhood on a family farm, fostered a strong connection to community and an innate understanding of real estate. This foundational experience propelled him into a multifaceted career, starting with earning a journeyman’s certification in heavy equipment mechanics, followed by a successful foray into property […]

Meet Chris Durocher, now LIVE in the Calgary – Alberta area! 

With over 18 years in mechanical engineering and project management in the construction sector, Chris offers an exceptional blend of technical knowledge and industry insight, further augmented by a distinguished Carson Dunlop certification. His meticulous eye for detail translates into peace of mind for prospective homeowners, equipping them with the confidence to make informed buying […]