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Embracing Differences is Part of Our Company Culture!

At A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), we welcome a diverse mix of home inspectors from coast to coast to help service the unique needs of a broad range of homeowners and homebuyers, as well as our Realtors partners. 

Blog Image June JulyThe home inspection industry has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated, blue-collar profession. But we’re thankful to support the next generation of home inspectors! Inclusivity and diversity in our industry – and all service-oriented occupations, for that matter – is incredibly important. In order to be truly effective, however, it must include a variance in age, gender, sexual orientation, skillset, thought, race and cultural background. 

Blog Image June JulyIn fact, our ownership team includes a diversified team who welcome a diverse cross-section of franchisees and inspectors who offer our clients and Realtor partners unique personable experiences that help build long-lasting and trusting relationships.

We truly embrace entrepreneurs who think differently. This helps spur creativity, insight and efficiency by creating a mix of approaches to the business that can help us find the right solution no matter how challenging an issue may seem. It’s also important for inspectors to have a willingness to take other perspectives into account and welcome the traits that make people different in order to succeed together. 

Operating in local markets across Canada – and even internationally – our industry-leading inspectors support each other and learn together through best practice sharing and mentorship. And we even market our businesses together at events whenever possible, investing in our communities to help make a positive impact through participation and sponsorship opportunities.

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