Planning a Renovation? Have Your Home Inspected First!

Renovations are an exciting undertaking that can turn your property into a dream home for your family, but they can also be quite stressful – especially if you uncover some unknown issues once you’ve begun that can add to your already tight budget and timeline.

By having your home inspected before your renovation projects begin, you’ll have a better understanding of how such things as your mechanical systems and structure will handle planned renovations. You’ll then be able to add these into your budget and better plan for all scheduled projects, while also helping prevent delays. 

How can a pre-reno home inspection help?

There are several ways that your home inspector can help out with determining how your renovation plans may affect your existing home systems and structures, including:

  1. Mechanical Systems. Do your electrical, heating, cooling and/or plumbing systems need to be upgraded in order to meet the needs of your renovation plans? Your inspector will help you understand if any mechanical systems need to be upgraded and what this will entail. 
  2. Structure. Are you looking to remove a wall? Is it load bearing? Will you be adding or changing locations for doors/windows? How will this impact the home’s structural support system? Your inspector will help you determine if a wall is load bearing and, if so, what you must do before taking it down/changing it’s current setting.
  3. Basement. Are you finishing or renovating a basement? Your inspector can help advise about special considerations when working on a basement, including reducing/eliminating dampness, and minimizing the risk of water damage and mould growth.
  4. Roof. Are you planning an addition? Are you considering a skylight? These types of projects could lead to additional roof work. You inspector will help determine if new roofing is required throughout or if you can simply work with existing materials. 

Have your home inspected after renos too

Renovation problems typically stem from the use of sub-standard materials, poor workmanship or unfinished projects. To the untrained eye, it can often be difficult to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. (And the same can hold true when you’re having a new home built as well.)

Your inspector can assess a renovation job nearing completion to ensure everything’s being done correctly. This can save you time, money and a world of grief if your contractor isn’t completing your renovations properly. 

Have questions about how to protect yourself before, during and after a renovation? Answers are just a call or email away.

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