Preventing Falls Around Your Home

Did you know that falls are the leading cause in both children and adults for unintentional injury-related hospitalizations across Canada? In recognition of November being Fall Prevention Month, we’re offering tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while in your home. 

While falls are common, they’re also often preventable. Some general things you can do around your home to lower the potential for falls includes: ensuring all rooms, hallways and stairways are well lit; using nightlights in halls, near stairs and in bathrooms frequented at night; avoiding the use of area rugs that don’t include a slip-resistant backing; making sure all carpeting is firmly tacked down; keeping floor surfaces free from clutter and spills; and arranging furniture to avoid catching clothing on corners.

Follow these fall prevention tips targeted to specific areas of your home where falls are most common so you can help ensure your home remains a safe place to visit, live and work.


  • Floor surfaces are clutter free and dry
  • Non-skid mat placed outside shower/tub absorbs water and provides place for feet as you step out
  • Rubber bath mat inside shower provides traction for standing
  • Especially for seniors, consider: handles for tubs, showers and toilets; bath seat for tubs/showers; and raised toilet seat


  • Floor surfaces are clutter free and dry, and only non-slip flooring is used
  • Appliance and cupboard doors kept closed
  • Frequently used kitchen supplies stored in easy-to-reach locations
  • Heavier items stored in lower cupboards
  • Step stool with non-skid feet and safety rail available to reach high places


  • There’s a graspable handrail that’s in good repair
  • Stairs are free from toys and other clutter, and are in good repair
  • Carpeting on stairs is firmly tacked down
  • Bare stairs have non-skid surface
  • Pathways at top and bottom are clear


  • All entrances are well lit
  • Stairs and decks have handrails, and are in good repair
  • Bare stairs have non-skid surface
  • Stairs and walkways are free from snow, ice and leaves or other debris/clutter
  • Gardening and other tools are put away when not in use

It’s also important to ensure your home is accessible to all members, regardless of age and ability.