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Real Estate Pros: Expect More from Your Home Inspector!

As a real estate agent looking to partner with a home inspection company that has both your needs and those of your clients’ top-of-mind, expect more than just a thorough home inspection and report. How you’re able to further use information contained in the report, as well as access details long after the report has been completed, will help streamline your client interaction.

There are a number of value-added services that should be included in any Realtor/home inspector partnership that go above and beyond providing a report after the inspection has been completed.

Within our inspection software (ISN), each real estate agent is provided a link that you can use to install our dedicated Real Estate Dashboard App. This enables you to easily access key information through your phone, tablet or computer. The choice is yours.

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Top features provided by our Real Estate Dashboard App, include:

Create Repair Request Lists

This unique offering automatically generates an addendum of the deficiencies’ summary found at the beginning of our inspection reports. The Realtor can easily add personalized notes and create a pdf that details repairs to be made to a particular property. You can then present this plan to the homeowner for negotiation purposes. Gone are the days of real estate agents having to waste time copying and pasting notes, and trying to piece together a professional document on your own.

Schedule Inspector Appointments

Realtors can view inspector calendars, and conveniently schedule appointments while you’re with your clients.

Access Previous Reports

Realtors can view all previous client inspection reports in one central location, as opposed to trying to find old reports via email or file searches.

Benefit from Customized Marketing

All our homeowner communications are cobranded with their Realtor’s contact information to help keep our partners top-of-mind with clients. Even home maintenance inspection marketing we send out a year after the initial home inspection has been carried out is cobranded with the Realtor’s information. Realtors can use the personalized dashboard to update their photo, bio, brokerage information and contact details so you can choose how you appear within all our marketing materials.

Being a valuable partner involves offering tools and services to equip our referral partners with useful information that helps them better serve their clients. We’re here for you well after we’ve conducted a home inspection for your client.

Have questions about partnering with your local A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections? Contact us today to learn more!