Meet Chad Keujer, now LIVE in the Lethbridge – Alberta area! 

Chad, a native of Coaldale, has dedicated his life to serving the communities of southern Alberta, an area he is immensely proud to call home. His passion for home renovation and maintenance was cultivated early on, a fascination he’s nurtured through involvement in projects ranging from small bathroom upgrades to extensive kitchen overhauls, assisting family and friends alike.

Meet Tyler Beyer, now LIVE in the Regina – Saskatchewan area! 

Growing up in a quaint town north of Regina, Tyler Beyer’s childhood on a family farm, fostered a strong connection to community and an innate understanding of real estate. This foundational experience propelled him into a multifaceted career, starting with earning a journeyman’s certification in heavy equipment mechanics, followed by a successful foray into property […]

Meet Erich Kamprath, now serving the Okanagan Region of British Columbia!

Erich has worked in various facets of home building during his university career and beyond – from concrete to roofing, electrical work, and finish carpentry – he brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the A Buyer’s Choice team. His path to become a Home Inspector was inspired by a commitment to no longer rely […]

Meet Svetlana Bita, now LIVE in the Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan – Alberta area! 

As a key member of the Sherwood Park/Fort Saskatchewan division of A Buyer’s Choice, Svetlana Bita expertly combines her academic foundation in accounting and auditing with her hands-on experience from the renovation industry. Working intimately with property management companies and realtors, she’s become well-versed in home inspections, further solidified by the successful completion of the […]

Meet Amanda Kirk, now LIVE in the Red Deer – Central Alberta area!

Amanda Kirk serves as a valued member of the A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections team, specializing in properties throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta. Currently working on studying architectural technologies, Amanda brings a unique lens to home inspections that lends to her depth of understanding. A testament to her dedication, Amanda has successfully completed the […]

Meet Scott Corbett, now LIVE in the St. Albert–Alberta area!

Scott Corbett is a highly-skilled professional who forms part of the A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections St. Albert team. Drawing from his extensive 12-year experience in the realms of commercial, residential, and industrial building, Scott provides unparalleled expertise in home inspection. His credentials extend beyond experience, as he holds the distinction of being a journeyman […]

Meet Ken Greene, now LIVE in the Edmonton Central West – Alberta area!

Ken Greene is a part of the Edmonton Central West A Buyer’s Choice team. As a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, Ken has a passion for serving others, paired with a strong work ethic, discipline, and attention to detail, all of which he carries forward into his home inspection career. After transitioning from the military, Ken […]

Meet Darrell Marshall, now LIVE in the Winnipeg – Manitoba area!

With over a decade of service under his belt, Darrell Marshall is a dedicated and experienced professional within A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, based in Winnipeg. Specializing in Operations Management and accredited as a Certified Federal Health and Safety Committee Member, Darrell has demonstrated his steadfast commitment to ensuring the provision of superior customer service. […]

Meet Jorden Gallant, now serving Prince Edward Island!

Jorden is a genuine “people person” and is passionate about helping others. This passion is part of the reason why he got into the home inspection industry. The other part was all about family; Jorden wanted to find a career where he could spend more time with his kids, and ABCHI was able to help […]