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Protect Your Investment with a Home Inspection

In recognition of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, we’re reminding homebuyers of the importance of also looking out for your own best interests before you buy your next property. Ensuring you get a thorough home inspection completed before making among the largest financial investments of your lifetime adds an extra layer of protection.

The reality is that many sellers are often unaware of issues that could be lurking within their homes, particularly if they’ve lived there for a long time. We often have blinders on when it comes to our own properties. 

Untrained eyes can miss red flags

Professional Home Inspectors find deficiencies and shortcomingsIt’s especially difficult to keep an open mind once you’ve already fallen in love with a property. It’s important to remember that, to an untrained eye, staging can do wonders to cover up a house’s deficiencies and shortcomings.

So, why take the risk? Getting a home inspection is money well spent. On average, you’re investing $500 for a 2,000-square-foot home to be professionally inspected (including infrared/thermal imaging to uncover what the naked eye can’t see) and ensuring that big-ticket issues don’t occur down the road that can cost you dearly. 

All home inspections should disclose the condition of the structure, foundation, plumbing and electrical systems, windows and roofing. An inspector will alert you to caution areas based on the age of the house as well as specific characteristics, note previous renovations and specify issues that must be addressed immediately versus ones that can be remedied in future. 

Check out this helpful list of what you can expect your home inspector to review during a typical inspection, as well as some special considerations that aren’t part of a standard inspection, including such things as a Wood Energy Technical Transfer (WETT) inspection for wood-burning systems, radon testing and water testing, to name a few.

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