Exploring Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control Measures

    More and more Canadians are turning to environmentally-friendly options to address everyday issues within our homes, including pest control. Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with insects, let alone destructive rodents that can wreak havoc on everything from wood and insolation to electrical systems. But having a safer way to deal […]

Pre-Inspection Helps You Safely Sell or Buy a Home Amid COVID-19 Realities

COVID-19 has made us all acutely aware of our surroundings and risk factors as we do our part to help stop the spread of this virus. But, during this time and into the future, many people are still buying and selling properties. Using a pre-inspection not only protects sellers from the anxiety of having multiple […]

Preparing Your Home for a Flood

Preparing your home for overland flooding during heavy rains and the spring thaw is an important precaution, since this is a serious issue that can occur anywhere in Canada. Overland flooding – where water flows overland and seeps into buildings through windows, doors and cracks – is one of the most frequent and costly natural […]

Adapting Home Inspections to New Realities

home inspection during covid19 pandemic

This Spring market is like nothing we’ve experienced in the past. At a time when we’re typically enjoying the busiest time of the year, we’re now facing new challenges to help keep our inspectors, REALTOR® partners, homeowners and homebuyers safe from COVID-19. But the reality is, many Canadians still need to buy and sell houses […]

Protect Your Investment with a Home Inspection

Word Writing Text Consumer Protection. Business Concept For Fair

In recognition of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, we’re reminding homebuyers of the importance of also looking out for your own best interests before you buy your next property. Ensuring you get a thorough home inspection completed before making among the largest financial investments of your lifetime adds an extra layer of protection. […]

How Accessible is Your Home?

Accessibility within a home is important for all ages and abilities. After all, accessibility represents the centre of comfort for ensuring you’re safe and secure while in your house or that of a loved one. In celebration of White Cane Week across Canada, we’re reminding everyone of the importance of having your home inspected to […]

Inspectors CARE. Our Company Culture Embraces Giving Back to Local Communities

Our inspectors are working in local markets every day helping protect among the largest investment Canadians from coast to coast will make throughout their lifetimes – their homes. And since being an active part of the communities that support our inspectors is important to us, a portion of every inspection we complete is injected back […]

Protecting Your Family with Smoke & CO Alarms

Ensuring your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are properly installed in your home and remain in good working order should be part of your regular home maintenance routine to make sure they protect your family and home when you need them most. Fire deaths are preventable Home fires kill eight Canadians a week according […]

Tips for Avoiding Roof Collapse this Winter

Blog Image Oct Nov

Let’s face it – we encounter pretty severe winter weather in most parts of the country at some point during the winter. Whether precipitation arrives in the form of snow, freezing rain, ice or all of the above, it’s important to know how to ease the weight on your roof to help prevent disaster from […]

Is Your Water Heater Well Maintained?

Blog Image Sept Oct

Having hot water in our homes whenever we need it is definitely a luxury many of us wouldn’t want to live without. That’s why it’s important to ensure our water heaters are regularly maintained to safely provide hot water on demand. As a homeowner, the first thing you want to do is visually inspect your […]