What You Need to Know About Aluminum Wiring in Your Home

If you – or your home inspector – find aluminum wiring in your home or a property you intend to purchase, it’s important to have a licensed electrical contractor assess the connections in the home to ensure peace of mind. Your insurance company may also require certification by your electrical safety authority. The problem is […]

3 Things Will Help Protect Your Roof This Winter

Winter weather can take its toll on our homes – especially the roof – when we get into heavy snowfall and mixed precipitation like freezing rain that can cause thick layers of ice to form. The key is to have a plan in place to monitor your roof condition and take action before a major […]

Preventing Falls Around Your Home

Did you know that falls are the leading cause in both children and adults for unintentional injury-related hospitalizations across Canada? In recognition of November being Fall Prevention Month, we’re offering tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while in your home.  While falls are common, they’re also often preventable. Some general things you […]

Pre-Inspection Helps You Safely Sell or Buy a Home Amid COVID-19 Realities

COVID-19 has made us all acutely aware of our surroundings and risk factors as we do our part to help stop the spread of this virus. But, during this time and into the future, many people are still buying and selling properties. Using a pre-inspection not only protects sellers from the anxiety of having multiple […]

Adapting Home Inspections to New Realities

home inspection during covid19 pandemic

This Spring market is like nothing we’ve experienced in the past. At a time when we’re typically enjoying the busiest time of the year, we’re now facing new challenges to help keep our inspectors, REALTOR® partners, homeowners and homebuyers safe from COVID-19. But the reality is, many Canadians still need to buy and sell houses […]

How Accessible is Your Home?

Accessibility within a home is important for all ages and abilities. After all, accessibility represents the centre of comfort for ensuring you’re safe and secure while in your house or that of a loved one. In celebration of White Cane Week across Canada, we’re reminding everyone of the importance of having your home inspected to […]

How Will Marijuana Legalization Impact Homebuying?

Blog Image1 October November 2018 1

October 17th, 2018 will be a day many people will remember – and not just because it’s legal to smoke marijuana across Canada, but also because it can be legally grown for personal consumption in every province or territory except Manitoba and Quebec. And, although Nunavut has not banned growing at this time, the provincial […]

How Do I Protect my Home from Flooding in a Storm?

Whether you’re in the market to buy a property or you’re thinking of staying put for now in your existing home, protecting among the largest financial investments of your lifetime from flood damage is a big deal. It’s hurricane season, and while most of us won’t have to deal with the full impact of this […]

When’s it Okay to DIY?

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There are so many speciality renovation shows these days that many people are falsely assured they can tackle pretty much any project on their own and save a wad of cash. But, as we know from just as many disaster do it yourself (DIY) shows, a little knowledge can be extremely dangerous. As always, common […]